Yoga with Hannah

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Privacy Policy

I never pass your information to any third parties.

If you give express permission to join my weekly email list I send you updates about temporary or permanent timetable changes, notifications and yoga tips. I will always ask before adding anyone to my mailing list.

I never market other products or services for financial gain yet I may mention products and tips I have found helpful. My emails contain details of all my classes for the sake of simplicity.

I use a password protected email client for storing email addresses.

If you fill out a health questionnaire prior to my class I will keep this on file with me for the duration of your attendance to classes for emergency purposes. I will then keep the form for up to two years after I last see you in class (unless you ask me to destroy it) in case you resume classes at a later date (or unless you ask me to keep your form for longer). I will not remove anyone from the mailing list unless asked to. Each email will contain a unsubscribe link you may click at any time.

If you attend a semi-private or corporate session I will not hold any personal data about you. If you wish to speak to me privately about a matter affecting your practice (which your employer may be unaware of, such as an early pregnancy) I will treat this with the upmost confidentiality.

You have a right at any time to ask to see any data I may hold on you.

Any information I receive will be completely confidential. I may from time to time consult a physiotherapist or doctor if I have concern or query regarding a condition- or for general advice. I would never mention names in this case, unless I have permission to do so.

You have a right at any time to request to see any data I may hold on you. I must supply this free of charge within one month from the date of request.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding my data or confidentiality policy, please feel free to contact me by email phone or social media.